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$2.95 - $6.95


Garlic Naan

Leavened bread touched with fresh shredded garlic and herbs then baked in our clay oven - $3.50


Whole wheat bread freshly baked in our clay oven - $2.95

Allu Pratha

Leavened whole wheat bread stuffed with mildly seasoned potatoes - $3.50

Bread Basket

Assortment bread from our clay oven. Garlic Naan, Roti, and Naan - $6.95

Gulab Jamun

Light cheese morsels dipped in a cinnamon flavored syrup - $3.95


Indian homemade ice cream with pistachios, almond and rose water - $3.95

Mango Kulfi

Homemade mango flavored Indian ice cream - $3.95

Rolled Cheesecake

Rich, smooth cheesecake with a slight tangy finish. Melts in your mouth with a flaky crust - $3.95

Chocolate Lava Cake

This chocolate lava cake recipe is without doubt irresistible. Its perfectly liquid center literally melts in our mouth - $4.50